The KOOL Lunchtime Cafe

Bre Ziegler takes your song requests for the KOOL Lunchtime Café each weekday.

Beginning at noon, she will play nothing but YOUR requests!

Call (740) 522-8395


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Here's What is on the Menu This Week 12/12- 12/16

Monday: 3rd Day of Cafe Christmas Three Singing Hens- Spotlighting your favorite singers!

Tuesday: 4th Day of Cafe Christmas Four Singing Bands- Spotlighting your favorite groups!

Wednesday: 5th Day of Cafe Christmas Five Golden Hall of Famers- Featuring artists or groups that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Thursday: 6th Day of Cafe Christmas Six Strings a Strumming'- Featuring groups that have your favorite guitarists!

Friday: 7th Day of Cafe Christmas Seven Colors a Glowin'- Featuring songs that have a color in the title or lyrics!