KOOL 101.7 Lunch Time Café

Bre Ziegler takes your song requests for the Lunch Time Café each weekday.

Beginning at noon, she will play nothing but YOUR requests!

Call (740) 522-8395

E-mail studio@wnko.com 

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Here's What's on the Menu This Week 12/17- 12/21!

Monday: 8th Day of Cafe Christmas- 80's Songs a Jammin'

Playing your favorite songs from the 1980's!

Tuesday: 9th Day of Cafe Christmas- KOOL Ladies a Rockin'

Spotlighting your favorite female singers and groups!

Wednesday: 10th day of Cafe Christmas- KOOL Gentlemen a Leapin'

Spotlighting your favorite male singers and groups!

Thursday: 11th Day of Cafe Christmas- Best Set of Pipes

Spotlighting your favorite singers and lead singers in groups!

Friday: 12th Day of Cafe Christmas- Open Requests a Drumming'

Open Requests for the start of the holiday weekend!