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The idea came to Principal Barbara Liess last month when a rocking chair broke beyond repair at her Maryland elementary school and was hauled to an outdoor space on a school loading dock. 

Liess decided the old piece of furniture could be useful in another way — as a target in a kind of “smash space.” Her staff could wield baseball bats and hack away at the chair to relieve tension. 

The specter of schoolteachers bashing furniture with bats on campus surfaced in a parents’ online discussion group Tuesday. One parent had heard a rumor at the bus stop about a “smash space” and asked others about it in disbelief. 

Though it was unclear how many people participated, she said, no children were harmed or, as far as she knew, had heard or seen any chair-busting clatter. 

A number of parents voiced shock and disappointment, according to several who followed the discussion. And some questioned why the principal would urge teachers to respond to their stress with physical aggression when children are regularly told to “use their words.”


The "KOOL Question of the Day" is:

  "Would you be disturbed by a "smash space", for teachers, at your child's school?"