This EEO Public File Report covers the period beginning June 1, 2017 and ending on May 31, 2018

EEO Public File Report

This EEO Public File Report is filed in Station's WNKO-WHTH's Public Inspection File pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) rules.

During the period from June 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2018, the stations had Three (3) full-time vacancies.

1- On-Air Personality

2- Sales Representatives

3- Receptionist

A total of 24 people were interviewed for full-time vacancies during the period covered in this report. The following are the recruitment sources used during the period covered in this report and the cumulative number of interviewees referred by each:

WNKO / WHTH Radio Ads

   8 interviewees referred


   1 interviewee referred

   1 interviewee referred


   1 interviewee referred

Ohio Means Jobs

   2 interviewees referred   7 interviewees referred

Inter Office Job Posting

   1 interviewees referred

OSU/COTC Career Fair

   3 interviewees referred

Total Interviewees Referred:


Attachment A contains the following information for each full-time vacancy: 
 - The requirement source(s) used to fill each vacancy, identified by name, address, contact person and telephone number
 - The recruitment source that referred the hiree for each full-time vacancy
 -  The total number of persons interviewed for each full-time vacancy: and
 - The total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source used in connection with each vacancy. 

Attachment A: On - Air Personality

Attachment A: Full Time Sales Representatives

Attachment A: Receptionist   

Attachment B contains a list and brief description of menu option activities undertaken pursuant to the FCC's EEO rules during the time period covered by this report.

"Stations WHTH-WNKO, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants to our station. Organizations that wish to receive our vacancy information should contact Tom Swank at stations WHTH-WNKO by calling 740-522-8171."

The following is contact information for the recruitment sources used in the hiring process at WNKO / WHTH Radio: 

  Otterbein College Center for Career & Professional Development

    Ashley Strausser  e-mail:

     1 Otterbein College, Westerville OH  43081

     (614)  823-1456

             Ohio University Career and Leadership Development Center


                9 South College Street, Athens OH 45701

                (740) 593-1000 Sarah Parker

    Ohio State University - School of Communications


Dr. Carroll Glynn, Derby Hall, 154 N. Oval Mall, Room 3016, Columbus, OH 43210-1330

(614) 292-6291

  COTC Career Development

Derek Thatcher  e-mail:

1179 University Drive, Newark OH

(740) 366-9453

   OSU Newark Career Development

Derek Thatcher  e-mail:

1179 University Drive, Newark OH

(740) 366-9453

  C-TEC Career Development

150 Price Road, Newark OH

(740) 366-3351

  Ohio University Zanesville - Career Services

Jarod Anderson  e-mail:

1425 Newark Road, Zanesville OH 43701

(740) 453-0762

            Ohio Center For Broadcasting

Gary James  e-mail:

9000 Sweet Valley Drive, Valley View OH 44125- 4220

(216) 447-9117

  Specs Howard

Mary Harms  e-mail:

19900 W. Nine Mile Road, Southfield MI 48075 contacted via the internet: - contacted via the internet: - contacted via the internet: - contacted via the internet

  Opportunity Links / Licking County Ohio Means Jobs

998 East Main Street, Newark, OH 43055

(740) 927-3993


   WNKO / WHTH radio commercials Help Wanted advertising

   Inter-Office Job Posting


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