Prize Closet

*2019 Summer Splash Winners*  







JUNE 17th Pagani's Downtown Car Care 18th Pool & Spa Solutions 19th Rusty's Wharf Fish & Chips Shop 20th Night and Day Auto Detailing 21st Red Oak Pub
7 AM Zoombezi Terri Williams, of Columbus Zoo Dan Welsh, of Newark Wilds Carey Ford, of Heath Zoombezi Debbi Fichter, of Columbus Zoo Ralph Davis, of Johnstown
12 PM Wilds Paul Metzger, of Columbus Zoombezi Billie Rotert, of Newark Zoo Sheri Gutridge, of Newark Wilds Stephanie Barnes, of Columbus Zoombezi Charles Carr, of New Albany
5 PM Zoo Rob Streets, of Newark Wilds Annie Robrecht, of Zanesville Zoombezi Linda Hout, of Columbus Zoo Linda Binger, of Newark Wilds Eric Dillard, of Newark
8 PM Zoombezi Lisa Payne, of Columbus Zoombezi Margorie Glasmeier, of Newark Zoombezi Elaine Snow, of Columbus Zoombezi Alex Nethers, of Newark Zoombezi Todd Shook, of Zanesville











24th Lakes End / Special T's 25th Wigal Orthodontics  26th Liberty Antique Mall 27th 28th
7 AM Wilds Anita Fouch, of Somerset Zoombezi Steve Shoyer, of Heath Zoo Delbert Moody, of Newark Wilds Rusty Nitsch, of New Stratsville Zoombezi Matt Brigham, of Mt Vernon
12 PM Zoo Nora Field, of Newark Wilds Dustie Leindecker, of Nashport Zoombezi Dale Walker, of Newark Zoo Vickie McCoy, of Newark Wilds Gerry Spellman, of Newark
5 PM Zoombezi Gloria Schwartz, of Newark Zoo Jonathon Carpenter, of Heath Wilds Dustin & Katie Schwartzen-Berger, of Granville Zoombezi Valerie Hajjar, of Mt Vernon Zoo Mary Lewis, of Newark
8 PM Zoo Patty Adkins, of Newark Zoombezi Dave Lake, of Newark Zoombezi Cathy Melick, of Newark Zoombezi Harold Minor, of Lancaster Zoombezi Maggie McCoy, of Columbus









1st Red Oak Pub 2nd Night and Day Auto Detailing 3rd Pagani's Downtown Car Care 4th Pool & Spa Solutions 5th Rusty's Wharf Fish & Chips Shop
7 AM Zoo Chuck Decker, Of Buckeye Lake Wilds Mary Beth Fulton, of Newark Zoombezi Kelly Gayheart, of Newark Zoo Terri Meek, of Newark  Wilds Suzanne Gehring, of Columbus
12 PM Zoombezi Carrie Streets, of Newark Zoo Natolie Harding, of Howard Wilds Joshua Martin, of Pataskala Zoombezi Troy Martin, of Etna Zoo Elsie Cantrell, of Marango
5 PM Wilds David Carr, of Newark Zoombezi Veronica Williams, of Newark Zoo Don Massie, of Bloomingburg Wilds Bill Ward, of Sunbury Zoombezi Bubby Nguyen, of New Albany 
8 PM Zoombezi Lori Slotta, of Columbus Zoo Kathy Dermer, of Newark Zoombezi Richard Phahler, of Newark Zoo Marsha Wohlford, of St. Louisville  Zoo Lauren Shan, of Newark


JULY 8th Wigal Orthodontics 9th 10th Lakes End/Special T's 11th 12th Liberty Antique Mall
7 AM Zoombezi John Ferguson, of Heath Zoo Stephen Rodrigez, of Pataskala Wilds Linda Tenzos, of Grove City Zoombezi George Stokes Sr, of Newark Zoo Susan Gebhardt, of Westerville
12 PM Wilds Kenton Dickison, of Columbus Zoombezi Seth Daugherty, of Newark Zoo Dawn Tonneman, of Glenford Wilds Doug Bline, of Granville Zoo Greg Cremeans, of Newark
5 PM Zoo Julia Back-Schroder, of Blacklick Wilds Misty Grigsby, of Heath Zoombezi BradKamlet, of Plain City Zoo Adam Romine, of Newark Wilds Pat Adkins, of Westerville
8 PM Zoo Brad Hume, of Pataskala Zoo Rob Blain, of Whitehall Zoo Teresa Brudzinski, of Pickerington Zoo Sheila Mayes, of Grove City Zoo Johnny Thoma, of Marysville
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