Prize Closet

*2018 Summer Splash Winners*

JUNE 18th Liberty Antique Mall 19th Pool & Spa Solutions 20th Bowman Power Equipment 21st Pagani's Car Care 22nd Pet Plex
7 AM Zoombezi Adam Peach, of Glenford Zoo Dale Walker, of Newark Wilds Anita Fouch, of Somerset Zoombezi Ric Bell, of London Zoo Stacy Spring, of Newark
12 PM Wilds Audra Orwig, of Johnstown Zoombezi Billie Rotert, of Newark Zoo Jeff Ford, of Columbus Wilds Chelsea Moore, of Delaware Zoombezi Sheree Reynard, of Newark
5 PM Zoo Zach Slotta, of Columbus Wilds Chuck Hicks, of Pataskala Zoombezi Kathy Poling, of Gallaway Zoo John Hicks, of Thornville Wilds James Ford, of St. Louisville
8 PM Zoombezi Linda Tenzos, of Grove City Zoombezi Hunter Jones, of Newark Zoombezi Aaron Street, of Heath Zoombezi Shawn Robertson, of Columbus Zoombezi John Wilds, of Mt. Vernon











25th The Red Oak Pub 26th Liberty Antique Mall 27th Pool & Spa Solutions 28th Guitar Guys 29th Stacy Engle State Farm
7 AM Wilds Cathy Melick, of Newark Zoombezi George Stokes Sr, of Newark Zoo Chris McKnight, of Newark Wilds Ineligible, tickets returned to prize closet Zoombezi Annie Duncan, of Newark
12 PM Zoo Sheri Gutridge, of Newark Wilds Steve Shroyer, of Heath Zoombezi Tammy Sullivan, of Newark Zoo Kim Cremeans, of Newark Wilds Jack Crement, of Newark
5 PM Zoombezi Marilyn Jones, of Newark Zoo Beth Harpster, of Gahanna Wilds Karla Ratcliff, of Columbus Zoombezi Nora, of Newark Zoo Evan Brack, of Columbus
8 PM Zoo Terrie Williams, of Columbus Zoombezi Pam Tanner, of Groveport Zoombezi Johnny Thoma, of Marysville Zoombezi Natalie Hosum, of Columbus Zoombezi Brad Hume, of Pataskala











2nd Guitar Guys 3rd Night & Day Auto Detailing 4th Bowman Tire & Repair 5th Liberty Antique Mall 6th Pool & Spa Solutions
7 AM Zoo Donna Ramsey, of Heath Wilds Tesh Glendenin, of W Jefferson Zoombezi Brad Kenton, of Delaware Zoo Sharon Barcus, of Newark Wilds Rebecca Patton, of Delaware
12 PM Zoombezi Donita Rotert, of Newark Zoo Liz Koegle, of Newark Wilds Dave Allberry, of Frazeysburg Zoombezi Brandy Layton, of Newark Zoo Mindy Allen, of Newark
5 PM Wilds Sarah O'Bryan, of Johnstown Zoombezi Mike Wright, of Columbus Zoo Valery Senig, of Nashport Wilds Greg Keefe, of Logan Zoombezi Mike Richards, of Newark
8 PM Zoombezi Ramona Lapp, of N Canton Zoo Ashton George, of Stoutsville Zoombezi Dawn Kinemond, of Mechanicsburg Zoo Jennifer Rowe, of Hebron Zoo Ineligible, tickets returned to prize closet











JUL 9th Bowman Power Equipment 10th Pagani's Car Care 11thPet Plex 12th The Red oak Pub 13th Liberty Antique Mall
7 AM Zoombezi Ethan Brill, of Mt Sterling Zoo Muffy Litt, of Butler Wilds Kimberly Jackson, of Delaware Zoombezi Paula Tenzos, of Columbus
Zoo Susan Gebhardt, of Grove City
12 PM Wilds Ben Durant, of Zanesville Zoombezi Tammy Trout, of Heath Zoo Mackenzie Hiltbrand, of Columbus Wilds Seth Daugherty, of Newark Zoombezi Carie Hosom, of Newark
5 PM Zoo Leo Bernat, of Reynoldsburg Wilds Caroline Durbin, of Johnstown Zoombezi Linda McKeon, of Newark Zoo Walt Kinser, of Heath Wilds Suzanne Gehring, of Columbus
8 PM Zoo Chad Graham, of Mt Vernon Zoo Don Wright, of Newark Zoo Carl DeLong, of Newark Zoo Roger Grace, of Grove City Zoombezi Chris Nethers, of Newark











16th Pool & Spa Solutions 17th Bowman Tire & Repair 18th Stacy Engle State Farm 19th Night & Day Auto Detailing 20th Guitar Guys
7 AM Wilds Sarah Gorley, of Newark Zoombezi Ed Higgins, of Orient Zoo Brent Cantrell, of Pickerington Wilds Allen Robinson, of Newark Zoombezi Larry Green, of Westerville
12 PM Zoo Kelly Collins, of St Louisville Wilds Leslie Moore, of Delaware Zoombezi Steve Simcoss, of Newark Zoo Carol Yates, of Newark Wilds Stephanie Isham, of Thornville
5 PM Zoombezi Jen Lewis, of Granville Zoo Shannon Rechnitzer, of Columbus Wilds Terri Meek, of Newark Zoombezi Corrie Caton, of Carroll Zoo Jordan Magers, of Newark
8 PM Zoo Devin Oliver, of Thornville Zoo Justin Hibberd, of Columbus Zoo Becky Field, of Newark Zoo Ashley Schmutz, of Thornville Zoo Ineligible, tickets returned to prize closet











July 27th Buckeye Country 107.7 Prize Closet AUGUST 4th The Powell Liberty Antique Mall 5th The Powell Liberty Antique Mall  
9 AM Zoo Tina Brush, of Heath


8 AM Zoo Melissa Scott, of Nashport Zoo Mark Deal, Of Columbus    
        10AM Zoombezi Martha Neffer, of Columbus Zoombezi Angel Zambrano, of Centerburg    
        12PM Zoombezi Gay Aycock, of Alexandria Zoo Dianna Pargdon, of Newark    
        2 PM Zoo Zachary Ross, of Centerburg Wilds 5 pk Cathy Senig, of Baltimore    
        5 PM Zoombezi Scott Spain, of Centerburg Zoombezi Sally Porter, of St Louisville    
        7 PM Wilds      5 pk John Lodermilk, of Thornville Zoo Vance Vowell, of Plain City